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School Counseling

Erica Simmons, School Counselor

Counseling Office: 484-765-4884

School counselors provide services to students individually, in small groups, and in the classroom. They also work closely with teachers, school support staff, and families to help all students grow in the areas of Academic, Career, and Social Emotional Development. Below are a few examples of how school counselors support those areas different areas.

Academic Development Support 

  • Classroom lessons on growth mindset
  • Small groups focusing on School Success Skills
  • Participation in Parent-Teacher conferences 
  • Individual check-ins and reinforcement of learning skills

Career Development Activities 

  • Classroom lessons focused on career readiness skills
  • Participation on school based Attendance Teams 
  • Planning Career Fairs and field trips related to post-secondary education

Social Emotional Development 

  • Small groups focusing on grief, social skills, feelings, self-esteem, etc. 
  • Classroom lessons on personal safety skills, conflict resolution 
  • Short-term individual counseling
  • Individual behavior intervention/support plans

The school counselors value a collaborative, team approach to helping make sure all students feel comfortable and safe in our schools.  We want to work with our families and coworkers so that all students have their academic and social needs met to foster school success.  
This list includes some reasons to contact your child’s school counselor.  We welcome families to talk with us about any concerns not on this list so we can connect you with the appropriate school team member to help. When necessary, we also refer our students and families to community partners who can assist with a variety of needs.  Please contact us for help with any of the following concerns or issues:

  • Death of a close family member or friend
  • Family crisis or issues impacting children’s education
  • Situations preventing school attendance
  • Bullying 
  • Safety 
  • Mental Health 

The best way to contact your child’s school counselor is through email or calling the school counseling office directly. 

Counseling Resources